1. theatlantic:

    The Principal: The Most Misunderstood Person in All of Education

    A few years ago when I walked the hallways of a high school with my five-year-old niece Evie, she remarked, without prompting: “There’s the principal’s office: you only go there if you are in trouble.” As an educator and an aunt, I wondered how the office of an educational professional had come to be symbolized in such a decisive way in the mind of a child, particularly a child who had yet to enter formal schooling. As I scanned popular representations of the school principal, I found that Evie’s impression was hardly unusual. Across popular and professional cultures, the figure of the school principal is commonly reduced to a small, often disagreeable functionary of bad news, the wet blanket of progressive teacher practice, the prison guard of students’ freedom. As I asked friends and colleagues about their impressions of school principals, few actually knew what principals did, and many people confused the role of school building principal with school district superintendent. Most remarkably, those very people who did not understand what a principal did were often the first to argue for the abolition of the role.

    In American public schools, the principal is the most complex and contradictory figure in the pantheon of educational leadership. The principal is both the administrative director of state educational policy and a building manager, both an advocate for school change and the protector of bureaucratic stability. Authorized to be employer, supervisor, professional figurehead, and inspirational leader, the principal’s core training and identity is as a classroom teacher. A single person, in a single professional role, acts on a daily basis as the connecting link between a large bureaucratic system and the individual daily experiences of a large number of children and adults. Most contradictory of all, the principal has always been responsible for student learning, even as the position has become increasingly disconnected from the classroom.

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    Barclays’ Skyscraper Index continues to show an unhealthy correlation between construction of the next world’s tallest building and an impending financial crisis: New York 1930; Chicago 1974; Kuala Lumpur 1997 and Dubai 2010. (Daily Mail)

    Via Wouter Vanstiphout’s lecture ‘Follow the Money’ on the complex correlation between economy and architecture or urban planning.

    As geographer David Harvey puts it, “it is no accident that church and chapel spires dream over Oxford (a town created in the age of church power), whereas, in the age of monopoly capitalism, it is the Chrysler building and the Chase-Manhattan Bank building which brood over Manhattan Island.”

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    Tis true.

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    Tis true.

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    Why Doesn’t the Constitution Guarantee the Right to Education?

    Every country that outperforms the U.S. has a constitutional or statutory commitment to this right.

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    Remembering the genocide of the Taino peoples today. Strength to all those who continue to resist the legacy of colonialism and devastating impacts of the discovery doctrine.

    LRI stands with you.

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    My Dad, Grandpop and I went to the Pea Ridge battlefield today! It was nice and cool and the grounds were beautiful :) All of us were very impressed with their exhibit and had a great time.


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    If any of my followers live in the Northwest Arkansas Area, we are going to have a rally at 5pm this coming Monday at the Wilson Park Pavilion in Fayetteville to show our support for the Affordable Care Act.

    Planned Parenthood and other health organizations are going to be there to talk about how…

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    Wilson gardens




    Hey Guys! So Every year around this time I have a tumblr meet up in the fall!

    Well this years will be on Saturday, October 26th at gulley park! We will have activities and etc to put on! (and maybe some music if anyone wants to bring some instruments/ a band!) 

    If you are interested in showing up, RSVP to me! We will have tumblr stuff to give away!

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