1. jerrydean60:

    Sunrise shots on Capps Creek Conservation Area on Jan. 2 2014

  2. jerrydean60:

    Night shots on Capps Creek Conservation Area on Jan. 2 2014

  3. jerrydean60:

    Back yard birds. Woodpecker, tufted tit mouse.

  4. newyorker:

    Henry Allen reflects on his grandfather’s house and a lost era: http://nyr.kr/1hR8oK7

    “There were huge Oriental rugs, wingback chairs, and standup ashtrays. On tables were objects of crystal, bronze, and sterling silver with monograms—cigarette boxes, porringers, picture frames, and a tea set of architectural splendor. To me, at the age of ten or so, it all had the air of furnishings for a ritual, however outworn.”

    Above: The author’s grandmother Mildred Bowen Allen, with her sons, in a sailboat.

    This is a beautiful article about how a house can encapsulate an era…

    (Source: newyorker.com)

  5. Below are links about #LennisBroadfoot author and illustrator of #OzarkPioneers Broadfoot’s great-nephew was inspired to begin #StoryCorps because of his great-uncle’s inspired research.



  8. #Maple #samara on a drizzly and chilly day in the #Arkansas #Ozarks #Huntsville

  9. Outside my door. #Fall 2011. #Ozarks #Arkansas

  10. November 2011. #Fall #hike in the #Ozarks.